Neurovascular Medicine Pursuing Cellular Longevity for Healthy Aging
Editor: Kenneth Maiese, Nov 2008

Oxford University Press, ISBN13: 9780195326697

Neurobiology of postischemic recuperation in the aged mammalian brain. Aurel Popa- Wagner, Adrian Balseanu, Leon Zagrean, Imtiaz M. Shah, Mario Di Napoli, Henrik Ahlenius, and Zaal Kokaia (Cap.17, pag. 403-451)

Editor: Leon Zăgrean
, 2005

1. Introduction

2. Molecular Biology of Cellular Excitability
3. Investigation of the Function of Peripheral Nerves
4.1. Electromyography

4.2 Neuromuscular Transmission
5.1 Heart Rate and QT Interval Variability
5.2 Skin Sympathetic Reflex

6.1 Motor Evoked Potentials
6.2 Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
7.1 Evoked Potentials. Visual Evoked Potentials
7.2 Auditory System
8.1 Cerebral Rhythms in Sleep and Wakefulness
8.2 Technical Aspects of EEG Recording and Analysis.
Pathological EEG. Epilepsy. MEG

8.3 Polisomnography
8.4 Electrophysiological Corelates of Typycal and Atipycal Development. The Perspective of Cognitive Neuroscience of Development

Editor: Leon Zăgrean
, 2002

Part I. Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Nervous System
Part II. The Biology of the Integrative Nervous Functions
Part III. Nutrition, Metabolism and Recovery of the Nervous System
Part IV. Clinical Neuroelectrophysiology

Neurostiinte-Principii fundamentale

Editor: Leon Zăgrean, 1996

1. Nervous system cells
2. The biology of the nerve cell excitability
3. Synaptic transmission
4. Neuroembriogenesis
5. Neuritic budding
6. Brain circulation biology
Elemente de neurobiologie


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