Animal Electrophysiology Lab
  • Cerebral ischemia/reperfusion and preconditioning in vivo and in vitro
  • Kainate induced epilepsy in rat
  • Research of the effect of anesthetics on the electrical brain activity
  • Research on the functional changes induced by diabetes mellitus on the visual system
  • Normal and pathological physiology studies of the heart and cardiovascular system
  • Physiopathology studies on the degenerative mechanisms affecting the acustico-vestibular system
 Cellular Electrophysiology Lab
  • Cellular electrophysiology and neuropharmacology studies in-vitro (on brain slices or cell cultures) and in vivo (stereotaxy on mouse/rat brain)
 Human Electrophysiology Lab
  • Sleep studies on human subjects concerning: sleep architecture, study of dreams, study of memory
  • Electroencephalography, psychophysiology, cognitive functions and neuromarketing studies
 Cell Culture Lab
  • Research on neuronal cell cultures, neuroprotection and recovery mechanisms, neuropharmacology
 Animal Behaviour Lab
  • Memory, learning & behavior studies on rats, development of new animal models for neurological and pshychiatrical disorders, investigation of the effects of pharmacological agents.
  • Project PNCD II nr. 41001/2007, Identification and characterization of brain cancer biomarkers expressed in serum and CSF through advanced glycomic methods based on mass spectrometry. (project webpage)
  • 2006-present, CEEX Module 3, 242/2006, "The development of a European Network for the investigation of interneuronal and neuroglial relations in energetic stress, neurodegenerative diseases and ageing, aiming the development of new therapeutic strategies". (project webpage)
  • 2004-2006, Viasan Project nr. 270/2004, National Research Programme VIASAN, „Study on the dorsal raphe 5-HT circuites on behavior and sleep. Neuropharmacological interactions with Nicotine”.
  • 2004-2006, Viasan Project nr. 269/2004, National Research Programme VIASAN, „Post-ischemic cortical hiperexcitabilitaty: in-vivo study on rat”.
  • 2003-2006, Viasan Project nr. 253/2003, National Research Programme VIASAN, „Cellular and molecular study of the effect of hypoxia on the in-vitro neuronal development and excitability ”.
  • 2001-2003, Viasan Project nr. 158/2001, National Research Programme VIASAN, „Molecular and cellular mecanisms of ischemic cerebral preconditioning”.
    • EEG and Hypoxia in rat. 
    • Protective role of Gingko Biloba in cerebral ischemia in rat. 
    • 1994–1998, Project A14/1994, Contract nr. 85 /1994 between M.C.T. (A.N.S.T.I.) & UMF “Carol Davila”: „Protective effect of calcium blocking agents in cerebral ischemia.”. 
    • 1999–2000, Contract nr. 1285/1996, PROGRAM ORIZONT 2000 between A.N.S.T.I. & U.M.F. „Carol Davila”, through the following projects:
      • A10/1999, B10/2000 – „Study of the EEG computerised analysis of Kainic Acid induced experimental epilepsy”.
      • A11/1999, B11/2000 – „Preconditioning mechanisms in global cerebral ischemia and reperfusion”.
      • A8/1999, B8/2000 – „Cellular mechanisms induced by cerebral ischemia and reperfusion: Apoptosis, Necrosis, Neuronal survival”.
    • Four-vessel occlusion model for global cerebral ischaemia in rat.
    • Focal ischaemia by MCA occlusion.
    • Hypoxia induction model in rat. 
    • Stereotaxic drug administration. 
    • EEG recording and computerised EEG analysis in humans and in rats. 
    • Extra- and Intra-cellular electrophysiological recordings on brain slices and from in vivo rat brain.
    • In vivo and in vitro NO detection. 
    • Enzymatic determination on rat brain homogenate. 
    • Chronic electrophysiology electrodes implant. 
    • Polisomnographic recording and analisys in humans and in rats.
    • Neuronal cell cultures.
    • Ischemia/Hypoxia in vitro studies.
    • Immunohisto- and cyto-chemistry techniques.
    • Rat behavior and reaction tests